Smart Systems and Services Design
Smart systems design needs to transcend just making existing products or services more attractive and extend to the experiences that users will have with connected systems by better integrating the processes that are behind these experiences.
Strategy and Business Model Development
Global expansion, lean practices, mergers and acquisitions; for most companies, these strategies for growth and value creation have reached the point of diminishing returns. We take a different approach – one that combines our expertise in design, human sciences.
Technology and Human Sciences Research
Cherami Ltd. ongoing research and analysis focused on the core enabling technologies. Human sciences and information architectures help our clients navigate the critical development and technology partnering decisions they face on a daily basis.
User Interface


As end-users ourselves, we love building consumer electronics. We focus on intuitive interfaces and fun features that make your product stand out and grab the attention of your customers. Whether you’re building a standalone IoT product or integrating it with the multitude of platforms, we will help you bring that device to market.
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IoT asset tracking solutions (GPS or RFID) can be incredibly disruptive. Whether you’re service consumers or enterprise, tailored asset tracking products with valuable features like geofencing and text/email alerts demonstrate a concrete ROI and peace of mind for your customers.
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Induction and Orientation


IoT isn’t revolutionary when it moves control from the wall to your browser. IoT is revolutionary when control happens automatically, with sensors and actuators acting instantaneously and independent of human control. Deliver improved efficiency and comfort to your customers or contractors with a tailor-built automation solution for Induction and Orientation.
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When IoT meets Blockchain


Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new opportunities and providing a competitive advantage for businesses in current and new market. IoT is all about generation and analysis of data over the internet. Hence, consideration must be given to protect data all along its life cycle. It becomes imperative to manage information at all complex levels since data will flow across many administrative boundaries with different policies and intent.
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Induction and Orientation

It’s known that the induction process can be time-consuming and admin heavy in any business, even more so when you have large numbers of personnel, be it new staff, contractors or visitors arriving at different times, across multiple locations. Cherami's INDUCTION.ID application is a user-friendly online induction software tool, that can help. Our system enables personnel to complete their induction before arriving on your site. They can submit their personal details, upload certification, watch a site induction video and answer a site induction questions; all using a system which is branded and customized for your company. Our goal is to will save your business time, money and help minimize risk.
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Years of Experience
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Suite of Apps
All our Internet and Mobile applications are specifically optimized for each operating system to ensure top performance and the best user experience.

Six key components:


Beautiful interface

Cherami's services are a necessity for any business looking to leverage the power of the internet. Over the past few years, the penetration of mobile devices has been increasing in every domain and it can be hard to remain untouched by this revolution. We this in mind, we always build with mobile device usability.
  • Latest Technologies

    Our applications will be designed for compatibility with all the leading platforms.

    In the mobile app development process, it is extremely important to maintain the privacy and security of the user data.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

    In a business, especially the start-ups, the costs of app development can be challenging.

    This is where an application development agency can bring its comprehensive solutions.

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